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About Me



My name is Fabian, a 24-year-old content creator, currently based in Stuttgart, Germany. I’m born and raised in this region, where I startet to grow an interest in design, architecture, fashion, art, traveling and nature. 

Besides my passion for photography, I’m attending college. I’m studying Communication Design and before that I completed an apprenticeship as an Technical Productdesigner and got an degree as a technician.


Two things I really like are hiking and playing soccer. I am always out looking for a new adventure and to create unforgettable memories.


Being able to do what I love the most and share it with other people around the globe makes every day fun and exciting. This page should be a place for a collection of beautiful places and moments I captured during my travels and adventures. 


Interested in more content from me? Please contact me! I’m available for projects anytime and I’m happy to hear from you. 


Much love and keep creating!


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